Kid Life                     bwalker2814@yahoo.com
Kid Life is a high energy experience for children in grades K thru 6th. Through small group settings of relevant teaching, kids are taught they are never too small to be used by God and how to have loving relationships with family, friends, and leaders in life.

Little Life                   bwalker2814@yahoo.com
Little Life provides children from birth to age 5 a healthy, safe environment while experiencing the love of God through age specific activities with a nurturing, loving staff.

Remnant Student Ministries supplies middle and high school students a place to hang out with their friends and discover a real God who loves them. They are challenged to lead their generation, and are taught how to set the standard of how life should be lived.

318 Men's Group                     rickmelton71@gmail.com

 318 Men's Group seeks to provide an opportunity for men to establish meaningful relationships through fellowship  and service to people in need.  It’s a place to help men develop into the godly fathers, husbands, and Christian businessmen that  they are called to be.  Our call is to put action into our Christian walk, while also having a great time.  

Shine       women@lifespringfamily.net
Shine Women's Ministry exists to create a fun, welcoming atmosphere where women of all ages and backgrounds can gather and unite in friendship while learning to be women of strength, integrity and purity. 

  Merge for young adults   info@lifespringfamily.net

Merge exists to help couples move toward oneness promoting the message of grace. We would like to teach and equip others to love and live with each other as Christ has modeled for us. Through this ministry our marriages may glorify the Lord.  

Fusion Connect     info@lifespringfamily.net

Connect is an evangelistic care group designed to disciple, equip and challenge each of us to fulfill God’s destiny for our lives.  Everyone is welcome in this group as we fellowship together and discuss God’s Word.  This group meets each Sunday evening at 6 pm.

Dream Team  (email to vikisisco@gmail.com

Music Ministry (email to brittanycrowe2018@gmail.com


Life Spring Church
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Finally Free (email to  joyfulvictory777@gmail.com