Rex and Amy Walker have a rich family heritage and have been involved in church ministry from adolescence through adulthood. In 1996, they went into full time ministry at Family Cathedral of Praise Church in Mesquite, TX where they have been heavily involved in church administration, small group leading, teaching and leading praise and worship. 

 In March, 2005 Rex had a dream where he was teaching in a building full of people. On the same night, Amy had a dream where she was giving birth to a baby while her husband and grandmother were in the delivery room praying for that baby. The next day, they shared their dreams with one another and felt that God was speaking to them about a new ministry that would soon “be born”. In May, 2005 Rex and Amy met with their Senior Pastors, to share with them what the Lord “birthed” within them.

 In October, 2007 Amy began to hear the word “spring” in her spirit. After searching scripture, praying and talking to her mentors about this word, she still had no confirmation of what God was trying to speak to her. It wasn’t until February, 2008 that she discovered exactly what “spring” meant. One Sunday morning during prayer before the church service, a man from church walked up to Amy and gave her a spring from a ballpoint pen. At that moment, the Holy Spirit explained to her that a spring cannot function the way it is designed to function without first having pressure applied to the spring.

 In January, 2010 God made a way for Rex and Amy to prepare for their church plant. Quickly, they knew this church plant would be named “Life Spring” because God used their previous ministry years of growing, stretching and planning to spring life inside them. Now they believe in the same mission that Jesus fulfilled when He said, “I have come to give life and life more abundantly.”

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